We’ve All Adjusted to the Changes

In the past couple of months, the entire world has been dealing with problems related to a viral outbreak. It’s one that caught many countries by surprise, as people are being infected with the virus left and right. Some people are experiencing mind symptoms, while others have become bedridden in the hospital and even died. The staff at my company has had to work from home, and I’ve been using corporate secretarial services to make things easier on all of the staff members. I hope things can go back to normal so everyone can get back into the office again.

For now, my staff has been using video conferencing to talk with each other. I purchased a microphone and camera set up for each of my staff so they would have everything they needed to use the video conference. On the first day of using the conference feature, someone randomly connected to the room and started talking as if they were talking to one of their friends. As soon as they realized that they were in the wrong room, they became embarrassed and left. It was a funny experience, but it was also a lesson for me.

After the unexpected visitor into the video conferencing room, I added a password that would only allow those who knew it to have access to the room. It’s not like my company was doing anything that was particularly secretive, but I didn’t want anymore unwanted people coming into the room and interrupting our work. I also didn’t want to take the risk of anyone bring anything malicious into the room, either in the form of bad media, or some kind of malware that would infect the computers of my staff. The secretary, the other staff members, and I have all been interacting well with the video conference.