We Are Settled in Up Here

Of course we really did not have so big of a choice when you think about. I had to find a job, but that is not that big of a deal. Eileen was going to take the position, which came with an enormous raise and all sorts of other perks. They even hired someone to help us find a house, although they kept looking at places which are too big. Junior and Alice are both in college, so we did not need too much of a house. We found a small place with ADT in Chicago providing a really advanced home security system with a bunch of smart home features. It has the app that allows you to look at what is happening at your front door on your phone. In truth we are not really in the city itself, or at least not in the part of it where you really do not want to be. The house is off to the North, not far from the shores of Lake Michigan and it is a short drive to the office complex, which is something of a campus on about twenty acres of land.

In fact it would be really scary to be in many of the areas in this city. They have an incredible numbers of shootings and murders in this city, but like most other cities is usually a matter of not being in the places where they shoot people. If you were poor it would be a terrible place to live, because there are people with guns who are happy to use them for any reason at all or for no reason at all. That is not apparently much of an issue in this place, the neighbors are all rich and most of them have big walls with gates.