Using Wind to Change the World

Solar Energy BasicsWind power is a clean and reliable source of energy that mankind has used for millennium. Wind has been used in everything from pumping water, to grinding grain on a farm, to propelling some of the large ancient ships that were at the heart of the world conquest done by countries like Great Britain and Spain. In our time mankind is once again looking to wind power as a way to help change and reshape the world as we know it.

Very few people can deny the fact that as a global society we need to make drastic changes when it comes to our energy production and usage. Our choices are to either reduce the amount of energy that we use every single day, or to come up with a renewable source of energy that will provide inexpensive energy in an efficient manner. And since it is unlikely that the energy hungry countries around the world will take serious steps to reduce their energy consumption, the more viable solution is to try to find a way to produce renewable energy. This is where wind energy enters the scene.

Countries around the world including the United States and Great Britain have dedicated time and resources to building wind farms. These farms, which can be seen in places like California, and along the coast in Britain have been effective when it comes to producing clean energy from wind. Unfortunately wind turbines that are placed on the ground have limitations when it comes to the amount of energy that they can produce. They also have the disadvantage of negatively affecting the appearance of the landscape, and producing noise that can be bothersome to individuals who live in the vicinity of these wind farms.

In order to combat this some inventors have come up with inventive ways of placing large wind turbines higher up in the atmosphere. These larger high-altitude wind turbines would be able to produce greater levels of energy because of their size, and because of their constant contact with high winds. A lot of these projects are still in the experimental phases, however they promised to revolutionize the way the world uses wind energy.