State of the Art Professional System

I tried making my own alarm system once, but it didn’t work out too well. I placed some battery operated door alarms on every door, but they weren’t connected to each other. The batteries in one of the alarms lost power, which made it an easy entry point for an intruder. While I was sleeping, an intruder was able to silently pick my lock and get inside. The intruder took whatever he could carry through the front door without making any noise. When I woke up, I called the police, and then called ADT Security to get a real security system installed.

Sometimes it’s just better to call the professionals, rather than trying to do something yourself and creating an inferior product. Since none of my door alarms were connected to the main power line, there was no way to power them when the batteries died. Then alarms also weren’t connected to each other, and they had no way of contacting the police if the went off. If the intruder had tripped an alarm and didn’t flee, then I would have had to deal with him, which may have been disastrous if he had been armed with a blunt object, a knife, or some kind of firearm.

Part of me was hoping that the intruder would come back to my home so that I could test my new security system. I had alarms for each door installed, along with window locks. The alarms were connected to a central control panel that when armed, could detect loud noises caused by the windows being broken or the doors being hit. I also had smoke alarms installed. When the alarms would go off, they would contact ADT and the police, sending the police to my house to investigate the cause of the alarm sounding.