Starting over with a Fresh Slate

I knew very little about bankruptcy, so I was not sure if it was something I would even be able to do. I was at risk of losing everything though, so I knew that I needed to find out one way or another. The bank that holds my house mortgage had sent out information about their foreclosure procedures, and I was frankly a nervous wreck over it. I did a search for a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney so I could find out if there was anything that could help me, or if I was going to slip through some more cracks.

That is the irony of it. I have always had a healthy savings account to protect me from something just like this. What I had not counted on though was my husband clearing out our joint account as well as my personal one, and then charging up a storm on credit cards that were just in my name. I was being punished for someone else’s greed, and it was infuriating. I did not want to pay for things he was using, but I had very little choice because the cards were in my name and he was an authorized user at the time.

Since I had no way of paying for the thousands of dollars he had racked up, I knew that I had to figure a way out of the mess before I lost even more. I had already lost my self respect, my self esteem, and my financial security, and I was not about to lose myself as well as the home I had worked so hard to have. The attorney I talked with told me that I would be able to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy because of my income, and that would take away nearly all the debt that I owed. That was music to my ears, and it feels great to be starting over without so much baggage this time around.