My New Country Has a Store That Has Become a Favorite

I love living in Singapore. I have made many friends here and have a great job. I highly doubt that I will ever go back to my home country any time soon. I have spent a lot of time at work; however, and I really missed some of the great foods that I had back home. I knew I could find some great stores here, but I simply did not have the time prior to now because I work so much. I wondered if I could find some great organic bread in Singapore to make quick sandwiches at home to eat for lunch at work and dinner at home each night. I figured it would really help me to save some time, rather than spending a lot of time making cooked meals for these two purposes.

My coworkers pointed out that they go to a little organic shop that is just a mile away from our workplace. One of them said that she was stopping by there after work and I was welcome to come along with her. As soon as our day ended, we rushed out into the beautiful weather to walk to the store together. During our walk, she stated that she often stops by this shop on the way home from work and takes home fresh foods and even desserts to her family. It is one of her favorite stores. She assured me that I can find the bread that I need there as well as many other things I would probably be interested in.

The store is great. It’s clean, brightly lit and the employees are so friendly. I explained to one of them what I was looking for, and they handed me two loves of bread and said that they are both customer favorites. I ended up buying both of them, and I have now been back to the store every single week since then.