My Landlord Finally Did the Right Thing

My parents grew up in New York City, and I loved listening to the stories about them growing up there. We lived out in the country where things were so slow and quiet. That was nice when I was very young, but as I grew older, I longed for more activity and culture. So, when the company that I work for offered me a chance to work at our office in the city, I jumped at the chance and took him up on his offer. Little did I know just how important pest control in NYC would soon become.

Where I lived previously, most of us lived in homes with a lot of acreage between each home. Of course, we had insects that would breed and become a problem at times, but the issue was typically your problem alone, and you did something to get rid of them. No one else was affected. But in NYC, most people live in apartments. Very expensive apartments that are crammed into building after building because there simply isn’t enough space there for homes. This means that when your neighbor has a bug problem, chances are that you will, too.

I tried to combat them on my own for as long as I could. The issue is that I asked my landlord to do something about it, and he always said that he would get around to it. When he finally did, he or one of his employees would show up with a can of bug spray he bought at a nearby grocery store and he would start spraying my place. I explained repeatedly that I had done this myself many times, and it is a temporary solution. I explained that he needed to accept that his building had a problem and pay for help from an expert company. He finally got the message and hired the help of a business that came in with the strong stuff for the entire building. Now that he finally did that, everyone in the building has been bug-free for the past year.