In the Crowd with a Legend

My ex-girlfriend and I are big fans of MMA, and we were going to see a live MMA event in Las Vegas together, but we broke up shortly before it. I still wanted to go, but I didn’t have anyone to go with because most of my friends were busy, and the ones who weren’t didn’t care about MMA. I was going to sell the tickets, but then I thought about getting an escort to join me at the event. Having a brunette escort sit beside me turned out to be a more enjoyable experience than going with my ex-girlfriend.

When I’m watching an MMA match, I really get into it. All of the punches and kicks are a treat to watch, and I’ll shout at the top of my lungs when something happens. I was doing that while the escort was sitting next to me and she didn’t mind, because she started doing it too. She was also a big MMA fan and had gone to many of the events before. All of the ones that I watched from the comfort of my own home, she had gone to and could even be seen in footage of the crowd of these events.

My throat was feeling pretty sore from all of the shouting that I was doing at the MMA match, and I wanted something to soothe it, so the escort and I went to a bar and had some cool drinks. I normally drink wine, but I just couldn’t say not to a cool cocktail. The escort and I went to a lot more places that night, and after coming back to my place for an intimate experience, I was out of energy. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the middle of the next day with a massive hangover.