Finding a Place to Live in the Big City is Simple

Having lived in a semi-rural area about three hours away from Dallas, I wasn’t too sure how much time it would take to look through all the Dallas apartments that are available for rent. The small town I live in has a total of 7 complexes, so looking for a place here to lease takes a very short time! But my ex-wife lives in the big city with my daughter, and my daughter is going through some medical troubles. I thought it would be best to move closer so that I could help with running her to doctor’s appointments and with other things her mother may need. This meant that time was ticking, and I needed to find a new place to move into right away.

Even though I was looking for a place so that I would be closer to help out, I figured that if I were moving there, I might as well make it a permanent move. For that reason, I wanted a place to stay that I would enjoy for many years to come, and I wanted it to have some amenities that my daughter would enjoy, too. The first thing my daughter would love is to have her own room, a pool to swim in and a playground. I wasn’t even sure if many places had playgrounds anymore, but I hoped to find one.

Searching for places online showed me hundreds of options. But I found a website that let me see which places had exactly what I was looking for. I spied a place that looked like it would be perfect for my daughter and myself. Not only did it have a great spot for swimming, it had an outdoor play spot, too. I chose an apartment right next to the area where she will play at so that I can watch her to make sure she’s safe at all times. I move in next month, and after seeing the place, my daughter is really looking forward to me moving nearby into an apartment she loves.